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tv   Headline News  RT  June 26, 2014 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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the despite. the myths created by the chief nazi ideologist bound for a time saw in the west we have to fight these myths today in memory of those who walked in the second world war. i'm happy martin the stories we cover here not in here in iraq other big story the extra headlines same time there's a reason they don't want you to know that you never want to reset. now let's break the set. in the heart of downtown triple poor just moments ago a suicide bomb went off right here on the streets. their reality in iraq where hundreds of civilians have been slaughtered this month as you harvest radicals ravaged through the country leaving carnage and destruction in their wake.
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big business bites back u.s. firms try to talk washington out of burdening russia with more sanctions fear in their own profits could take a hit. plus a damning report against america's swat armed police units for hundreds of militarized raids on civilian homes which led to a number of deaths. by family mosque which not international we were in a joshie syria has joined the fight against sunni jihadists terrorizing neighboring iraq carrying out air strikes against isis militants insurgents have already sees several airbases oil and gas fields conducting indiscriminate bombing attacks along the way. but you hottest bloody advance has already left more than a thousand people dead mainly civilians according to the un the most recent
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casualties reported are fifteen killed in attacks on baghdad and six others in the contested city of kirkuk lucic often if was there. or in the heart of downtown cure cooper just moments ago a suicide bomb went off right here on this street now the details so far are burkey but what we've heard from officials is that one man a suicide bomber was seen on the street wearing an explosive device as this he was actually aiming for the building down there it's a kurdish political party office apparently authorities had seen him they tried to intercept him and that is when he detonated his device now if you look around chaos this is late on a wednesday evening rush hour a lot of people in the streets. the car here completely destroyed this building also you can see there's damage in the upper floors this must have been an incredibly powerful blast now if we walk this way we think this this blast really
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did happen so recently that they haven't had a moment to clean up the blood right here we don't know if this is. really only. brooke. we're not exactly sure what's happening there some kind of emotion right now you can see there's kurdish authorities here trying to keep calm but again and this just took place now the background to all of this very hotly contested city there are kurds arabs the sunnis shias christians turkmen this is a very violent city that has seen many explosions many clashes over the years since the isis the islamic state in iraq and syria militants made their push in northern iraq the iraqi army have essentially fled from these areas allowing the kurds to come in and take control of a lot of people in the city are not happy about that and we're not sure whether this. the top was retribution perhaps for the kurds reasserting their control over
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this territory they belong to claim this as their historic and cultural power to. oh. it's really not safe to be here the authorities have been shooting their weapons into the air we're not sure what's going on but we're going to get out of here before any other attention. there hasn't even been a chance to verify the casualties verify exactly what was the target but we do believe that it was the kurdish political office yesterday we had a chance to speak with the governor of the cuckoos province he said that this was a very very calm city that there haven't been problems with the a taps that security was actually getting better and one of the things that is very clear here from what we see in today is that that's far from the case you see captain of your . well i says fighters are not just equipped with guns and they're also are and with the hash tags their use of social media is already making headlines twitter is becoming their main propaganda tool they have created an android app called the dawn which allows users to find all about their sadistic plans in advance right on
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their twitter timeline well there's also an online brochure selling the perks of living under alter conservative and repressive shari'a law and it doesn't stop there there's also an i says gift shop selling cheap t. shirts and who to use branded with a jihad is. now there is also disturbing evidence as to who is being drafted in to the militants ranks in this video boys armed with automatic rifles are seen traveling in an isis convoy human rights groups claim that in the past the fighters have had no qualms about recruiting children as young as fourteen. baghdad has officially the united states to conduct air strikes in iraq but i says report supporters have threatened to the vanes any such raid with attacks on americans and get the details of that story as well as live updates on the ongoing crisis in iraq on our t.v. dot com. america's top business lobbyists have launched an ad
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campaign to stop their government from imposing another set of sanctions on russia and include strong statements from the c.e.o.'s of the national association of manufacturers and the u.s. chamber of commerce also take a closer look at some of the quotes well they express deep concern over the sanctions as they would harm american manufacturers and cause jobs to u.s. citizens history shows that you know lateral sanctions did not work so as the head of the chamber of commerce it's time to put american jobs and growth first explains why u.s. business has gone on high alert. as the u.s. and its western allies consider a third round of economic sanctions against russia two of the biggest u.s. business organizations are publicly warning that the move would create long lasting damage to america's economy the u.s.
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chamber of commerce and the national association of manufacturers are running advertisements right now in the new york times the wall street journal and washington post saying the only effect of additional sanctions would be to bar u.s. companies from foreign markets and business opportunities to firms from other countries u.s. companies fear that even temporary targeted sanctions against russia would damage their export markets and poison relations with russia in customer business leaders say potential restrictions on technology transfers would also harm u.s. energy companies that do business in russia this is precisely what moscow warned of back in march when foreign minister lavrov said any sanctions imposed on russia would come back to hurt the united states the white house told bloomberg news that the obama administration has had frequent conversations with business leaders on the issue and understands their concerns but that the u.s. can't just go on with business as usual now the obama administration is threatening
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to impose more sanctions on russia despite its recent steps to the crisis in ukraine at the request of president vladimir putin the russian lawmakers voted tuesday to revoke legislation allowing for the use of military forces in ukraine however it seems the white house is still expecting and demanding more from moscow . washington d.c. american companies risk losing a large number of imports from russia and these are the top three things they buy the possibility of being cut off from russia's markets is also worrying america's business leaders u.s. energy giant exxon mobil xom mobil has a nine hundred billion dollar deal with russia hanging in the balance and six hundred million dollars already invested j.p. morgan. must also be holding its breath as the u.s. threatens to target the financial sector and it earned a fifty six million dollars in investment banking fees in russia last year and
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technology firm intel also is a keen investor and it has spent a rout a billion dollars in russia over the last twenty years now the next set of sanctions could target russia's energy sector but that could also be a big blow to u.s. and european energy giants who have a lot of interest in russia now some energy bosses were spotted at the latest petroleum congress in moscow and here is the c.e.o. of exxon mobil rex tillerson bob dudley they had of britain's b.p. was also present as well as the boss of norwegian oil giant stanwell and manny they're sad they wanted to keep politics away from business. this is really a. relationship it's developing. according to the culture we don't believe this kind of stuff we want peace now some of the u.s. business community fear even temporary sanctions could end up in the long lasting damage to their russian exports economic expert from the university of
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massachusetts richard wolfe says american companies have good reasons to be worried . the united states has direct an interest in direct investments in russia it has made plans to get access to russian energy which it has made plans to get financial benefits by banking deals between russian banking and financial officials and americans and if in russia there's a reaction against pressure from the united states then there are ways in which all kinds of companies in the united states will suffer losses we don't know how bad they'll be we don't know how long they'll lead but we haven't of global capitalist crisis right now and companies are very worried even about relatively small threats to their ability to function and that's particularly true with financial interests which is where the tensions with russia could have some effect meanwhile u.s.
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secretary of state john kerry has actually given moscow several hours to diffuse the tension in eastern ukraine it is critical for russia to show in the next hours literally that they're moving to help disarm the separatists to encourage them to disarm to call on them to lay down their weapons and begin to become part of the legitimate political process so the u.s. secretary of state keeps urging moscow to make peace efforts and at summit reports that kiev hasn't stopped its shelling in eastern ukraine despite the president's announcement of a cease fire we've heard from people in the areas hit hardest by keeps crackdown who say it never came into force anyway but a. doctor one of the shells came down right in my backyard and there was splinters that wounded my wife she's in hospital in critical condition now figure.
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we're still being slapped every day i'm not even saying hit but just slots like this of a funeral for a one of the russian journalists killed by army shelling in ukraine has been held in moscow the crew he was with got caught up in the shelling while they were covering the evacuation of civilians by self-defense fighters from a particularly dangerous area friends family and colleagues gathered in central moscow to say their final farewells to twenty six year old. who died instantly in the attack his body torn to pieces by a mortar shell while reporting a car and lived died in hospital thirty minutes later both journalists clearly had press markings on their clothes. now this is the last video filmed by the some survivor of the attack the camera man
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he managed to capture the blast that killed both of his colleagues russian prosecutors say the leader of one of the national guard squads was involved in the shelling the national guard is a mercenary combat division specifically formed to assist the army in the military operation against defined eastern regions but the squads largely operate to their own accord so sestina your lecture in international relations at moscow state university marks the bottom the government such as it is has very limited control it depends to a large extent still on the ultra nationalist paramilitary groups for its survival its hold on power in kiev and it has been afraid to challenge them just yesterday we saw a trade union meeting. unarmed right sector mob with complete impunity and we have seen this repeatedly that they act they attack
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individuals groups buildings churches throughout the country and the government does nothing to rein them in and this holds true on the battlefield as well. and coming up dining out whether down to an hour to a chinese billionaire or send to new york with promises to help the poor just as the u.s. economy reports a major slump. american swat units have become increasingly militarized deadly and are mostly targeting the country's minorities that's according to report by the american civil liberties union which says the police are treating some neighborhoods like war zones elite swat teams are trained to combat high level threats but are now being used for different purposes. a.c.l.u. probe showed around two thirds of all rates from twenty eleven to twenty twelve were drug related and target of private property only seven percent of swat
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operations were aimed at active shooter hostages or barricades in areas eight hundred raids led to seven civilian deaths and forty six injuries. the nineteen month old baby is the youngest victim of police brutality a sound grenade thrown by a swat team into the child's home landed right in his crib he is now in coma fighting for his life the family spokesperson told him he's now in more about the tragedy on our evening program in the now this. was tossed into a room with four small children the tragedy of course was that him in the play piano. but it was for small children who were living in this space where these explosive device was thrown. there have been reports that there was no way to know that there were young children in this household that is totally false what this
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raid and the situation with the family they are representing say about the american police system about militarization who exactly are they arming up against we find statistically people of color people in low income areas and communities good deal with this kind of blunt force if you're in any influential community or if you have any influence personally you tend to get a knock at the door or even a courtesy call same surrender. now after injuring the infant and searching the family's home the police failed even to find a drugs they were looking for all the boys' parents want a federal probe into what happened to their son was far from the only victim of swat brutality the twenty six year old to recover wilson was holding her baby son when she was shot and killed by an officer during a raid on her home wilson wasn't even a suspect in that drug bust her infant was injured but survived the ordeal. your ng
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sounds a sixty eight year old grandfather of twelve lay face down on the floor following orders when an officer is gone discharged and shot him dead stamps wasn't even a suspect one police broke into his home searching for a drug dealer who did not ever live there. and after a short break they sport the hipster look plus the odd nazi symbol to boot we look at how today's extremists in germany are trying to promote hate in style. so we leave the. bush and. your party is it. that no one is that you would think that you deserve answers from.
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place. basic needs of economic ups and downs in the final months day the london new york sang i and the rest look like it's going the take it will be everything we own all day.
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skinny jeans beards toe bags and nazis slogans meet the latest recruits of the extreme right in germany the media has even come up with the words to describe the movement napster's. they are you. are an anna blog and learn to neo nazi hip pop extreme riotous keeping up with the times there's even a reagan nazi cooking show in each episode to chatty man wearing balaclavas explain to viewers how to make it an array of dishes journalist john rice burke from berlin he shared his thoughts on the next or trend but what's important to remember is that the nazi hipsters they want to appear in just out on the street corner they're appearing at a nazi demonstration on january twenty first and mock tuborg it was an attempt by the nazis to throw a marsh and there was a group they had trendy they had colorful sunglasses on they had these funny
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looking converse shoes with stars and piercings kind of fuzzy beards like there are so many jokes about the nazi hipsters you wonder they had a bag. please don't shove i've got a yogurt in my bag as long as no answers have been around the always been trying to cop the youth subcultures you know skinheads were originally kind of a proletarian youth culture you have in germany. and the way to start it was saying like any other nazis you had one thousand five hundred people or more out on the streets blockading in the nazis actively sitting down preventing them from going on and the root. just like all the other nutz. although this isn't the first time extreme right movements have absorbed the use of culture rabbi yehuda tech to all things repackaged neo nazis are a worrying trend for germany we're worried this particular development because this is
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a new crowd of young people and can be many young people are just looking for the rich they're looking. for just to see your system apartments and i'm going to see cool video. and see anything else that we're already on our past rule you. truly want to keep. cardroom are still respect for all people is the. problem and point out of the dreadful sense of the problem so young people even if you're looking for the reaction part of something you should know this is something where. now there are fresh fears of another credit crunch in the u.s. after the government revealed the country's economy shrank by three percent of the first quarter of the year it's the worst reading since the crisis of two thousand and nine which led to massive bankruptcies and redundancies it's in this climate that some of america's six hundred thousand homeless people have found an
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unexpected benefactor a chinese villain or is giving them gourmet meals and promises to fill their pockets. reports the charity event sending the media into a frenzy as if the king of pop himself had come back to life because. the city of. new york landmark the central park boathouse stormed by t.v. crews he's backed up. all this to witness chinese billionaire chen one be known for his outlandish behavior holding a one million dollars lunch for the city's homeless as you say. as entertainment. chinese songs and volunteers and communist worker outfits and magic tricks by the self described most influential person of china as you can see nothing anywhere at all in display for the name of the good minde all the person i knew all the help i
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get a full page ad in the new york times this week to ramp up attention to this event has clearly served its purpose a lot of homes who didn't come because of the fact that they don't want to see them they don't want media in promotional ads broadcast on stage chen is touted as the most beloved chinese role model among almost a dozen other titles the ads have advertised one thousand people giving away three hundred dollars to each person i think anybody would show up in central park for three hundred dollars in this day and age about two hundred homeless people were brought to the event on buses paid for by the magnate is saying that it takes. a foreigner you know to come and do this but at the same time hey somebody's got to do it we chant talked of weeks of sleepless nights to prepare for what he dubbed the love and gratitude charity to work around there so many people who are in need of help the goal to show that rich chinese people don't just throw away money on luxury the extravagant charity event is set to become a tradition with the eccentric chinese millionaire promising to return to the west
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every year to do what he can to help those in need to help those in need and make a name for himself in the states the promise of three hundred dollars per person was fulfilled for a lucky few in front of cameras instead of giving them three hundred dollars each he's donating ninety thousand dollars to the new york city rescue mission a disappointment for those attending each and every one of the homeless having counted on the cash that was promised ten told his guests to pick up their money at the city mission and would like baseball teams. so again to go to michigan and she could go to keep his word this word was not kept the mission got the cash but it never reached the pockets of the homeless on my tablet so nice w. you. know in our genes website a spanish town furious with its mayor who only wanted to give them a fiesta. but added on doing this to the play find out how he accidentally turned his town into
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a blazing inferno and if he got away with it online. also their smartphone idea for fans of bling and why they were good it's a gold plated italian designed mobile that some direct line to the president whose image isn't gravy on the back find out how much at r.t. dot com. and german borderlands are seeing a rise in crime and police suspect is largely the work of gangs from eastern and southeastern europe so to protect their property from burglars locals are turning to the very building walks of life itself a spirit all over now explains. the leafy streets of a pleasant german town on the outskirts of berlin it's an idyllic scene and one in which many to live in the dreams turning increasingly sour with the community now plagued by burglars and. it's been rising for sixteen years since reunification
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we see more and more burglaries and it can take just three to four minutes to break you know be off for the early it will close a european integration makes borders open with many locals here claiming its contribution to the rise in crime. there are now so many ways to make a quick escape into another country major highways and country roads all cross borders making it harder to catch criminals. and let's. go along there were one hundred homes in this area and more than four hundred cars were broken in this edition got so bad we had to look for a new way to fight crime so to try and beat the burglars this town has turned to technology they're marking their property with love to made d.n.a. . into the synthetic d.n.a. every tube is as unique as your fingerprint spirited to me a valuable dryest completely clear at all sure to u.v. light and threaded security to also contains tiny microdots that i looked at
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through this camera choose your id number so there's two race of tracing a property each of the combinations created is added on to a database and assign to whoever uses the kit providing a personalized identification to one of the problems facing this town has been a rise in fifty four order over a short period of time last year they saw ninety satellite navigation devices of a similar make and model taken from cars what supporters of synthetic d.n.a. hope is that it will deter criminals by eliminating any potential market for their stolen goods. so my and i'm not there and to be clear advantage of this film it makes it harder the first to sell stolen property the second house in the us to actually catch thieves out of an office or suspect something might be stolen they can shine a u.v. torch over refolded and if it goes the d.n.a. code just needs to be checked against the database any homes that are with the
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d.n.a. display one of the stick is to let any would be crooks know that if they try any pilfering from these premises the long arm of the law is backed up by technology that makes it impossible for them to get away without a trace the trail of a journey up next more of the behind the scenes action here an r.t.a. and news team. welcome to the. show thirty four countries bend over fifteen billion euros until she says thirty to one hundred fifty million degrees with one talk among notes to sell from st petersburg to france we travel in search of the song. knowledge update
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we've got the future covered. his name was. he was nazi germany's minister of propaganda the myths that he created exist to this day. google's propaganda was posing actually trying to denigrate other nations while at the same time reason ordinary german so students would. keep its use of goebbels new precisely what the masses needed to hear in order to make them follow him he was like the pipe paper from the fairy tale that made the rats fall to the tune of the spite of. the myths created by the chief nazi ideologist bound for tal saw in the west we have to fight these myths today in memory of those who walk in the second world war.


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